Write on your table top

Write-On table top was a hit!

DEN, “a professional platform tailor made for the furniture, furnishing and design industry and it’s innovators to work, connect and inspire…”  held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 14th to the 16th of May was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase, for the first time, part of our collection to the trendy Melbourne market.

Under the “made down here” inspiration we brought to our stand a collection of handcrafted, contemporary, timeless and innovative designs.

Our biggest hit was a a table top that you could write on that we called “Write-On Table Top”. We wanted to create a tool where people can brainstorm, engage, gather around, share ideas and leave their marks. With that collaborative work space in mind we’ve developed and launched our Write-On Table Top.

We couldn’t stop people writing on it! We had epic games of naughts and crosses, signatures, encouraging messages and lots of “xyz was here”.

Write-On table top is available nationally, for more information please send us an enquiry!