Workplace Furniture That ‘Stands’ Out

With an average of more than one-third of our daily lives being spent in the workplace,work-based health and wellness initiatives are taking significant precedent as they are being weaved into the traditional office environment. In fact, numerous studies have shown that promoting employee health improves workplace morale, increases productivity and in turn, drives revenue.

We’re taking the workplace taking health-positive movement to a new level, by introducing a true ergonomic furniture solution. The Sit-to-Stand Paustian Table makes moving from sitting to standing—and back again—a natural part of your day. Combined with the right chair, it gives you a full range of supported movement to help you stay more active and healthier while you work – allowing you to get the most out of your workday – every day.

Understanding the appeal of an ergonomically designed sit-to-stand desks is simple. When you spend over three hours a day in the sitting position, your metabolism drops and you begin burning calories at a third of the rate. The theory goes that by standing instead of sitting at work, you burn more calories and counteract the effects of staying stationary for long periods of time. Increasing your metabolic rate by reducing the amount of time spent slumped over a desk could reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

With that being said, we all need to take a seat from time to time. For those who put in long days at the office, spending extended periods of time standing could cause fatigue for even the healthiest among us. That’s why the Sit-to-Stand Paustian Project Table moves with you, allowing you to sit and stand as you see fit – for a true, workable solution.