Transitioning to a Wireless Workplace

The use of mobile in the workspace has become more prevalent in recent years. Offices have evolved to accommodate these changes. What things should you consider when designing an office to be more mobile friendly?

Virtual meetings and cloud storage are both essential if you’d like your office to be wireless and reduce the need for workers to be in the office. Being able to meet with your team from anywhere in the world is a huge advantage and opens up the workforce to great team members that may be outside of your geographical area. Meeting systems such as GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts allow for easy face-to-face meetings anywhere on the globe.

Cloud storage is equally as important, if not more, than virtual meetings. Being able to share files and compare notes from anywhere is a must if you’re trying to make your team more mobile. Widely used apps like Dropbox and Google Drive make sharing files easy and secure.

Now, what things can you implement in your office that foster a more wireless culture? A new trend in office plans called “agile working” allows teams with a limited amount of space to make the most and still be productive. Seats are unassigned but unlike hot desking, there are multiple areas specially catered to different working styles such as private work areas, collaborative spaces and social spaces. Staff can pick the area best for their productivity and change based on project needs.

To accommodate mobile equipment, charging stations for laptops and phones should be implemented where possible and will require cable management systems. Moveable tables are great for social work areas and saving space but can cause issues with cabling. It’s all about finding a balance in flexible physical space and digital space.

A wireless office is great for allowing better communication a more mobile way to work. You may find certain challenges in implementing these changes in your office. We hope that this has given you some ideas on the changes that need to be made to allow your team to be more wireless.