Today’s Workplace Gone Global

In today’s shifting business landscape – many companies and organizations have strategically placed offices in both rural and urban areas across the globe in efforts of expanding their reach and gaining a full perspective on the markets they serve. In order to truly accomplish business without borders, it’s more important than ever to offer local knowledge, national insights and an international perspective.

With that being said, every business in the world, no matter its size, benefits from tactically developing a brand and maintaining it as a recognizable representation of the organization. A strong brand identity propels it to the forefront of those consumer attitudes which facilitate their spending decisions. To accommodate global structuring while maintaining consistency in brand, more and more companies are turning to internationally standardized office equipment and furniture that can be easily configured in any rural or urban location. Thoughtfully designed, prebuilt offices that can be shipped and installed to and from any location, will strengthen brand identity while streamlining processes and reducing design costs. Customisable furniture in design, material and colour choices all offer flexibility in creating consistent brand identity.

When designing standardized offices, for cross border business, consider the value in creating open networks and utilizing tech hubs or co-working spaces which will allow for creative, collaborative and innovative work in any location. Integrating local cultural or geographical design pieces into each location’s workspace creates a personal touch, that will make executives and employees feel more at home in the workplace – increasing overall job satisfaction and productivity – allowing your business to reach its true global potential


Photo by Inhouse Brand Architects