The Millennials Have Arrived – Welcome To The Future Of Your Workspace

This year, millennials will reach a major milestone, surpassing baby boomers and Gen Xers to become the largest generation in today’s workface.

What does that mean for the workplace? A few things. Mobile technology has allowed millennials to develop a unique approach when seeking out the best places to study, research, work and collaborate. Now that they are so deeply integrated in the workforce, millennials are looking for workspaces as flexible as their devices.

Designing a workspace that creates a sense of open, transparency with room for collaborative work to take place – also tells employees that they are valued in a space that makes senior executives more approachable.

When considering new design structures that will empower your employees to work their best, consider the following:

Design and Furniture

The physical layout of the office is the first clue into company culture, instead of traditional (and old school) cubicles, opt for contemporary furniture and a design that mirrors the company’s creative mentality. Portable desks and chairs are easy ways to cultivate collaboration between team members or provide a simple change of scenery.


Reducing our environmental impact is more important than ever before. Employees are seeking out employers whose social responsibility efforts are aligned with their own. Consider reducing energy use by integrating solar solutions, introducing comprehensive recycling programs, going as paperless as possible, using non-toxic cleaning supplies and providing fair trade products in your breakroom.

Collaboration Areas

Integrate break out spaces that foster spontaneous brainstorms or meetings to encourage innovative approaches and boost productivity in the workplace. Furnishing these spaces with comfortable seating and the necessary technology promotes easy and relaxed communication.

Community Space

Coffee bars and accessible break areas provide a sense of community between all generations in the office. Allow employees to contribute to the design of the office with a photo wall or place to showcase internal awards or relevant industry articles.

Considering the long hours our new generation of employees are putting in, it only makes sense that they want to feel at home. Designing workspaces that speak to a new culture of employees, is becoming increasingly important in attracting and retaining top tier candidates.Startup Stock Photo