Here at Luxmy Furniture we consider ourselves an extension of our client’s business.

We think of ourselves as a silent partner. And as such we ensure we work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible so the job gets quietly done and everyone walks away happy. Our client’s satisfaction is the most important thing and given most of our new clients come from referrals and our business is repeat business we think we’re onto something!

Our clients send through quotation requests via email (most often), phone and fax outlining the job, quantity, material and type of furniture. We discuss options and internally find ways to make things cheaper so we can give our client the best possible deal. With large quantity jobs we work with our suppliers and negotiate the best rates possible so we can pass on these savings to our clients so they can win the tender. This partnership is really important to us.

Purchase Order
Once the order is sent through (either by email to orders at luxmy dot com dot au or fax 02 97961211) we schedule the job onto our production schedule which is communicated to all parts of the business. The minute a job is sent through we are onto it as we appreciate that our client’s client often wants their job delivered yesterday.

We have an internal CAD team that works on draughting shop drawings for each and every component of a job before it is sent to production. Only when our client approves the drawing do we proceed as its important we deliver to their requirements exactly. Often there will be many variations but we appreciate the need to get things 100% correct so everyone walks away happy.

All our clients pick up from the Luxmy Furniture dock and as well as sending you schedule updates so you know how your job is tracking, we have a dispatch team who can be contacted at any time for your order status. They triple check each job meets our quality standards prior to dispatc just to make sure it gets the Luxmy Furniture seal of approval.

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