In a recent, independent survey of our customers, 100% of them agreed that Luxmy Furniture provides excellent service to their customers with a product that is high quality and value for money.

Luxmy Furniture is a private independently owned Australian Company established in 1997. We’ve got a well equipped furniture manufacturing facility, centrally located in the Bankstown region of Sydney Metropolitan Area. We operate in the Commercial Furniture market, manufacturing high quality office furniture made from processed wood substrates. We mainly cater to the workstation market and have a nationwide market base. The use of technology in manufacture and product development is critical to the longterm success of the Luxmy Furniture. Computer aided manufacturing is the mainstay of what we do. We emphasise continuous development of new products and have led the industry in the development of new types of profiles for worktops, new types of cabinets for storage, first mover on E0 board, and powdercoating of MDF.