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Product Description

Collaborative Seating with Screens:

The inspiration for Kurve came from a long bench in the form of a sea serpent in Park Guell (a garden complex on the hill of el Carmel in Barcelona, Spain) designed by Gaudi. The curves of the serpent bench form a number of enclaves, creating a social atmosphere, for private and intimate conversations.

Kurve, fully upholstered on a black plinth, has three modules (straight, convex and concave) can be configured to create these social spaces but not limited to any one shape. Kurve can be arranged in endless curves, in a circular configuration, and straight benches.

Kurve comes with or without 350mm diameter table, positioned on an angled solid linished stainless steel arm between seating modules.

Power and data Table Boxes, fully upholstered with timber veneer and melamine tops, 45, 90 degrees and straight are available.

Kurve surround screens 1370mm high are available to suit and can be linked together and attached behind each seating module and Table Box.

Kurve is fully upholstered on a black plinth. The table top support arm is solid linished stainless steel. The table top comes in a range of finishes.

Lead Time 6-8 Weeks
Materials Plywood frame, commercial grade foam
Certifications ISO 14001, GECA
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