Dealing with Office Acoustics

Many companies have moved to open floor plans in their office buildings. It’s estimated that about 70% of offices have an open floor plan. The open office concept was created in the 50’s to promote communication among workers. It was meant to unify a company and help them to create better ideas. However, your clients and customers may have complained that this type of office floor plan has done the opposite for them. Many are finding that an open floor plan can be difficult to manage if not planned properly.

With little to buffer the noise, many have found it difficult to concentrate. According to a study done among six major US corporations, 70% of employees complain that noise is the number one distraction at work. 52% reported that they felt stressed due to a lack of ability to focus on their work with phones constantly ringing, email alerts and text messages pinging. Morale and concentration plummets throughout the day and can ruin an employee’s productivity.

So what can we do to help improve the acoustics in our client’s offices? There are a few things from adding plants to help absorb noise, or adding acoustic ceiling tiles or carpeted floors.

However, one of the lower cost options is to replace the furniture. Sound absorbing and acoustic furniture can not only go a long way in terms of helping to buffer noise but is a nice, low cost and space saving way to brighten up and refresh an office space. Luxmy Furniture offers a few different pieces that will help your clients and customers to give their workers more privacy.

If you are looking to implement a designated area for employee interaction or phone conversations, the Cone is great for any office. It is designed with a high back to block outside noise preventing distractions to others outside of the area.

The last piece of acoustic furniture by Luxmy is the Hoop. The Hoop is a large acoustic booth meant to keep unwanted noise out. It great for private conversations or even interviews.

Noise and distractions in an open office floor plan can drastically reduce productivity among employees. Adding acoustic furniture to an office is a must to consider when redesigning an office for a client. If your customers need a way to implement private areas to reduce echo and distractions, including acoustic furniture in their offices is a great choice.

Picture: WINNews