Happy employees are great for business

Everyone would love to improve focus at work. We all want our employees to be more creative. Who wouldn’t want team work and better collaboration on projects? One way to improve these areas may be surprising though. More and more studies are suggesting that the way to gain more focus from employees and to boost morale in the office is to add games. Competitive games between team members can not only bring them closer together, but also increase heart rate which increases focus. So what things can we do to improve morale in the workplace? Simple games like foosball or

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Bringing (Plant) Life To Your Workplace

Evidence speaking to the benefits of integrating plants into the workplace is boundless. Not only do plants enhance the overall appearance in the office, but they can also reduce stress and eliminate air pollutants. A healthy, happy workplace is also more productive. In addition, plants in the office can provide screening or a pleasant focal point. There are numerous types of office friendly plants that can be integrated into a workplace, depending on your space and specific needs. The best plans for an office are those which require little care. After all, you have a business to run, and not

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Greenery in the Workplace to Help a Business Flourish

The facts are in. Having plants in the workplace will make employees happier, healthier and more productive. Researchers from Cardiff University monitored two large commercial offices in the UK and Holland. After plants were introduced, overall productivity improved by 15% within three months, as was reported in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. While this finding may not seem significant, a 15% boost in productivity can add up quickly, especially if every employee experiences improvement. Another study, conducted in 2010 concluded that just one plant per work space can increase office morale and job performance. In addition to showing an increase

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Dealing with Office Acoustics

Many companies have moved to open floor plans in their office buildings. It’s estimated that about 70% of offices have an open floor plan. The open office concept was created in the 50’s to promote communication among workers. It was meant to unify a company and help them to create better ideas. However, your clients and customers may have complained that this type of office floor plan has done the opposite for them. Many are finding that an open floor plan can be difficult to manage if not planned properly. With little to buffer the noise, many have found it

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Convertible Furniture for a Flexible Workplace

In order to keep up in today’s complex and constantly evolving business landscape, companies accustomed to traditional workspaces must begin to integrate furniture solutions that allow for more flexibility in the workplace. There’s been a lot of conversation surrounding office design and how far it can go to motivate employees, improve productivity and build a brand known for being up-to-the-minute. As a result, companies are creating interesting, custom-branded spaces. In fact, streamlining the workplace has become a norm across the globe as companies look to minimize costs and optimize opportunities. Not all offices have incredible amounts of raw space – and

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Workplace Furniture That ‘Stands’ Out

With an average of more than one-third of our daily lives being spent in the workplace,work-based health and wellness initiatives are taking significant precedent as they are being weaved into the traditional office environment. In fact, numerous studies have shown that promoting employee health improves workplace morale, increases productivity and in turn, drives revenue. We’re taking the workplace taking health-positive movement to a new level, by introducing a true ergonomic furniture solution. The Sit-to-Stand Paustian Table makes moving from sitting to standing—and back again—a natural part of your day. Combined with the right chair, it gives you a full range

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Woodmark products featured in Local Design exhibition

Berlin style meets Sydney desires in a new creative concept space produced and curated by Industrial Designer Tom Fereday and Stylist Emma Elizabeth. The Chippendale-based Local Design Space on Kensington Street currently displays our Serif Stool by Charles Wilson and Myni Chair by Matthew Sheargold in a new colourblocked finish. Kensington Street is being developed as a cultural hub on the Eastern boundary of the Central Park complex. The pieces can be viewed till October 2015 at 46-48 Kensington Street Chippendale. Please see for more details. It’s time for designers to fight back by thinking global and creating local,

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MaxHarper Portrait

Inside the Designer’s Studio – Max Harper

On this edition of “Inside the Designer’s Studio” we had the pleasure to chat with Max Harper, the mind behind the Corker Light Series. Sydney born and raised, Max’s designs were discovered by Luxmy in Milan earlier this year, we have since then started this collaboration and recently launched his amazing series of lights at Sydney Indesign 2015. Max’s interview is inspirational and unpretentious. A must read. 1) Tell us a bit about you. I was born and raised in Sydney, after some initially studying  drafting, I decided to go to RMIT to study industrial design where I kept my head down

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splinter above

Inside the Designer’s Studio – Caren Elliss

Meet Caren Elliss and find out what excites this Adelaide based designer responsible for the successful Splinter Stools discovered at Workshopped14 by Luxmy Furniture CEO, Priyanka Rao. 1) Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m an Adelaide based designer that has a Bachelor of Industrial Design Degree (honours). I have spent 2 years training with The Jam Factory and I have recently started my own studio. 2) How did you get into design? I had started to admire the design of everyday ‘things’ and found out that the designing of these things was called Industrial Design. So I applied to University, got in

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Write-On Veneer

A veneer wall or table top that you can write on, that is superior in quality and can be easily cleaned? This is all possible thanks to Luxmy’s Write-On texture. The applications and possibilities are endless: from the offices, schools and university walls, to restaurants menu boards, collaboration and meeting rooms, the Write-On texture can be applied to any veneer surface. Send us an enquiry today.          

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