A Healthy Workplace is a Happy Workplace

 In today’s competitive business landscape, employees are logging more hours at the office than ever before. Since so much time is devoted to office work, office design should place a strong emphasis on what makes for a healthy workday. After all, design which takes health and wellness into account not only affects the personal wellbeing of the employees, but also the effectiveness of the business and consequently its productivity. Here are some design solutions you to keep in mind to optimize workplace health and safety: Ergonomics and usability. The purpose of work place ergonomics is to increase the comfort, safety and efficiency

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Transitioning to a Wireless Workplace

The use of mobile in the workspace has become more prevalent in recent years. Offices have evolved to accommodate these changes. What things should you consider when designing an office to be more mobile friendly? Virtual meetings and cloud storage are both essential if you’d like your office to be wireless and reduce the need for workers to be in the office. Being able to meet with your team from anywhere in the world is a huge advantage and opens up the workforce to great team members that may be outside of your geographical area. Meeting systems such as GoToMeeting and

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Small Details To Tie Your Office Design Together

It can be easy to forget about the little things in interior design like power outlet covers and door knobs. We rarely give it a second thought but that gives it all the more reason to catch our attention when it’s out of the ordinary. For some, even the furniture isn’t as planned out as it should be. It’s the details that make an office stand out from boring ones. Take the opportunity to display your great attention to detail and impress your clients by putting a little more emphasis on often overlooked furnishings. So what things should be on

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Design That Tells Employees: Make Yourself At Home!

As businesses look to stake their place as industry leaders, team members are logging more hours in the workplace than ever before. The lines between work and home life, are quickly becoming more blurred. For this reason, many organizations are following suite and working overtime to make the office feel like a home away from home for their employees. This trend is known as the domestication of the workplace, and it’s front and centre in current design trends. While the trend lends itself to creating a more eclectic, comfortable space, it also works as a tool for recruitment and retention

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How Can You Get The Most Out of Your Office?

With rising real estate costs in CBDs like Sydney, Melbourne and many other international cities around the world, designers and staff are increasingly challenged with doing the most with the least amount of space. How do we maximize the limited space that we have to work with? When you’ve got a small office, you’ve got to be smarter in the way that you operate. It’s easy to let the clutter build up and make the office feel tiny. This is where a few simple changes can make a huge difference. Organization is much more important when space is limited. We

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Prefabricated Office Spaces Make Room for Growth

In today’s increasingly complex, diverse, mobile and environmentally conscious business landscape, organizations are facing increased pressure to curate office spaces designed to meet the diverse needs and values of their employees. Prefabricated office spaces show great promise as they are easily customized to be any size, allow for multiple stories and often integrate modular device and furniture solutions that promote collaboration and increased productivity. Prefabricated office spaces also reduce waste and boost sustainability as they are often built using several recycled products and materials. To keep your modular workplace ahead of the curve, you can also request the integration of Universal

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Universal Design – Building for Everyone

While the concept of Universal Design is relatively new to the world of architecture and design, there is an increasing demand for more inclusive spaces and products that promote accessibility, safety and convenience for an increasingly diverse population and their wide range of needs. The expectation to ensure all people, regardless of age, size, cultural identity, ability or disability are treated equally in building environments is quickly becoming the norm across the globe. For this reason, project managers should consider integrating Universal Design strategies into their plans regarding products and spaces. Architects, product designers, engineers and environmental designers can become

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A Learning Lesson in Classroom Design

Improving educational outcome in the post-secondary world is a universal goal for educational institutions. How to go about doing so remains the focus of significant research and debate. An often overlooked factor, is the effect classroom design can play in optimizing student learning and engagement. In fact, several noteworthy studies have confirmed that thoughtfully and intentionally designed post-secondary spaces can affect retention, attention, motivation, learning and academic achievement. Here are three simple classroom design tips that promote and enhance active learning.   1. Integrate flexibility – modular furniture, technological devices and whiteboards will make room for collaborative project engagement and

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Going Green is Good for Business

Integrating environmentally friendly initiatives into the workplace may seem like a simple and trendy public relations move. In truth, going green brings a wide variety of benefits for business owners. Applying green processes to the workplace positions participating businesses as leaders of social change while allowing for significant financial growth. Some benefits include: Tax Advantages Going green has many practical advantages. In some countries, tax credits and incentives are available. Many businesses are eligible for a sales tax exemption or corporate income tax credit for using solar energy systems, equipment, machinery and other renewable energy technologies. Reduced Waste Sustainable utilization

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Science proves that we like curves – in everything!

Why is it that we’re so drawn to rounded architecture? Buildings like the Guggenheim of Bilbao fascinate us and even move us to tears. From the Gherkin in London, Al Wakrah, the 2016 World Cup stadium, they all catch our attention and mesmerize us. But what is it about these buildings that intrigues us so much? They are unnatural in that they don’t use straight, rigid lines like so many other buildings we see every day. This is a style that architect Frank Gehry has mastered. He has put his stamp on architecture and design in this area. He is

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