Integrated Agile Workspaces

Among the many stereotypes thrust upon millennials is their overwhelming desire to be collaborative. It turns out however, millennials have a lot more in common with the baby boomer generation, and would actually like a little peace and quiet to get their work done. In fact, a recent survey from Oxford Economics found that “the ability to focus and work without interruptions” was ranked #1 most important by 29% of respondents from a pool of 1,200 employees across a wide range of industries. Half of them were bothered by lack It’s no surprise really. As baby boomers reach retirement and

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Warm Up to These Workplace Design Ideas!

When the temperature drops, many of us take steps to make our homes cozier as we to settle into wait for the season to change. While some of the steps we take are logistical, such as sealing air leaks, adding insulation or adjusting thermostat settings, there are often also design concepts to consider that will make you feel right at home. Most of these approaches can also be integrated into the workplace to create a comfortable environment that promotes productivity while also encouraging team members to settle in. Here are a few simple tips to help transform your workplace into

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Sustainable Design is in the Details  

 In today’s business landscape, environmentally designed workspaces are quickly becoming the norm as younger generations step into more managerial roles and begin to transform the business environment to align with their personal ideologies. And what’s often a top priority for our next generation of executives? You’ve got it – green initiatives. For interior designers, project managers or business leaders looking to stay ahead of the curve and help grow their brand, reputation and bottom line through sustainability, here are some simple tips to consider:  Integrate Sustainable Wood  The Australian Government has implemented a Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

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Four R’s to Rejuvenate Your Environmental Impact

Sustainability in the workplace has gone far beyond being a ‘trend’, or a way to differentiate your business and build your brand – it’s become the norm. As millennials are moving into executive positions, and generation begins to enter the workforce, more and more high-quality employees are looking to work with and build organizations which are aligned with their personal ideologies. And to say that environmentally consciousness is top of mind for the next generations, is an understatement. As your business continues to grow, and you seek out architecture, design and furniture solutions that speak to the direction in which

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New Product Release: FUNHOUSE OTTOMAN

Funhouse hails from the LuxStudio team. These ottomans are light weight and versatile. The simple shapes combined with carefully stitched lining bring out the best of chosen fabric textures and colours. Get to know the new collection in our TestFit app which includes the ottomans in a variety of our house fabric colours.    

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Breathe Easier With Low Toxicity Furniture

Creating a sustainable workplace has become vital to the reputation of an organisation, it’s almost no longer a choice, but instead, a necessity. With an overwhelming call across the globe to go green, it’s simply bad for business not to integrate sustainable initiatives into organisational planning. For interior designers, project managers or business leaders looking to help drive sustainability in the workplace, a good (and healthy) place to start, is with low emissions furniture. Consider the workplace; the actual size of the space, the number of employees, every piece of furniture needed to promote productivity and comfortability while also keeping

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TestFit – Pocket Showroom App by Luxmy

Introducing our new pocket showroom app TestFit, made to visualise our designer furniture in any space, putting the Luxmy Furniture collection directly at your fingertips. It’s the first of it’s kind in the commercial furniture sector and we’re proud to be part of it! Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices completely free and will not feature any ads. TestFit can be downloaded on the AppStore here or GooglePlay here. We worked with the very best to bring you an augmented reality platform that brings our range to any space with zero set up required. To get started, make sure your device’s operating system is

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Workplace Design With the Environment in Mind

Workplace design is one of the most influential tools which can be used to help achieve business goals. The power of space to influence our energy, interaction, health, and drive is tremendous. Not surprisingly, when we discuss the workplace of the future – sustainable design tools, products and services are quickly identified innovative solutions to help organize and implement a new way of working – with increasingly positive results to an organization’s bottom line. How exactly do environmentally conscious choices affect your business? We’re glad you asked! Socially.  Now that employees (and executives alike) are logging more hours at the office than ever

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Colour Your Workplace Happy

Choosing the perfect combination of hues for your workplace can be tricky, as the colours should take into account the personality of your organization, while also appealing to the majority of your employees and clients. From an ergonomic standpoint, colour might not seem high on your priority list in ensuring employee comfort. In truth, colour is absolutely crucial in promoting a positive, inspiring work culture. Colours elicit emotional and physical responses from people who are exposed to them for extended periods of time. In general, there are two major colour families: warm and cool. Warm colours include red, orange, yellow

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Introducing the Talki Table

Talki is a table leg system designed to foster integration and collaboration. The clean and simple design of the Talki system is available in three different variations: Talki is the interactive table for conversation, Walki is a high table to stand around and Wheeli is on castors. Talki comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Legs are available in metal with powder coat finish or solid timber. Exclusive to Zenith.     For more information, get in touch by email. About the designers Lux Studio is the design arm of esteemed Australian manufacturer Luxmy Furniture. The Lux Studio products

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