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Office Upgrades

We have recently upgraded and relocated our offices and studios to a single vibrant environment within our manufacturing hub with the aim to consolidate all our different teams, which in the future, will streamline Luxmy’s processes and services. As the design and works were completed internally, we experimented with various solutions, designs and finishes to showcase our capabilities, doubling as an extended showspace. The office features agile working with areas of collaboration and enclosed workpods for both staff and guests. We thank our various contributing suppliers: Global Ventures Australia, OE Elsafe, DPG Formfittings and Steelcase Australia. Below are some photos of our new workspace and we welcome

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Table Inlays

Inlay tops are trending once again with commercial spaces looking to make a statement or utilise multipurpose furniture to save on precious real estate. Check out some of our recent pieces to give some inspiration of what you can offer below. Tiled inlays can come in a variety of shapes and finishes. These round tiles provide a unique, tactile experience. This deceptively plain looking top has a self-healing cutting mat inlay and ABS edging, making it office or school appropriate but can double as a workbench. Corrected grain leather inlays can be made in collaboration between our upholstery and board

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Custom Made Australian Furniture

As a local independent manufacturer, we can produce custom pieces with lead time and volume which many of our dealers have been taking advantage of. Below are just some of these solutions from recent projects. The Waterfall-Jury Chair is a modified Waterfall featuring a column base with footring and is bolted on site. As many of these were used in a touchdown university setting, it also features a return mechanism to ensure uniformity throughout the facility when not in use. To accommodate various touchdown desking styles at a university project, custom Jose Highbacks included integrated power and USB outlets. This

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Design Study | Evolution of Private Work Pods

In this design study, we explore the many forms of our private work pods. The idea was first standardised into our Focus Pod and has gradually evolved into many iterations to suit a variety of applications. Like with all our screen and worktop products, each desking pod is customised on a per project basis and we’ve used a multitude of finishes from board and fabric to more challenging materials such as PET board.   Focus Pod The Focus Pod’s strength lies in its simplicity with carefully considered angles acting as stabilisers.   Mallard Focus Pod Experimenting with one of our

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Introducing Flippity-Flip

We’re excited to announce Flippity-Flip, our new flip table system which allows for a multitude of sizes and shapes. The mechanism grants the ability to have either a square, round or oval shaped uprights in both metal or timber finishes. Contact us for more information. Flippity-Flip Accented by strong, clean lines, Flippity-Flip’s base mirrors various top shapes with square, oval and round upright column options. The mechanism is easy to operate, can be nested and upright columns are available in metal powdercoat or timber.   Mo Chair in House Fabric Mo upholstered in one of our bolder house fabric. The

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Luxmy News | EOFY Product Updates

We have some quick updates for the end of financial year. We have also overhauled our house fabrics to cater to a variety of project requirements with cost effectiveness and lead time in mind. These options include plains, patterns, leather-look, fire-retardant, velvet and vinyl with a carefully considered colour palette to allow for a mix of finishes and accents. Buttercup Corner Module A corner module for the Buttercup is now available in low and high back options, and can create a complete lounge.   Plywood Veneer Top This real plywood veneer top has been used as a statement piece and

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What’s in a Technology Enabled Classroom?

Australian schools and universities are adopting Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) across a range of disciplines and study spaces. TEAL is an educational innovation that emphasises active learning where teachers and students engage through practical work, collaboration and a degree of autonomy. Despite the name, technology is an educational aid on par with a pen and paper, and complements traditional learning tools with the most radical change occurring in the learning space itself. TEAL moves learning spaces away from the front facing teacher and students in prearranged seats to an agile and flexible classroom. This allows TEAL to occur in practice

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Expanding the GECA family!

Luxmy has added even more to our GECA-licenced offering. GECA is an internationally recognised ecolabelling standard assuring that products have been made with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and processes. It is accepted as Level A by the Green Building Council of Australia and assist in meeting a variety of other green targets. Below are our new additions to our GECA certified line up. Click the images for more about the product.

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Sydney InDesign 2017 Wrap Up

The Luxmy Group joined in Sydney InDesign over weekend to celebrate our 20 years of operation. Our showcase included screens, upholstery, tables and joinery across our brands. Thanks for the support! As a recap or if you weren’t able to make it, we have a few photos from the show. It was also a pleasure to have Caren Elliss, Adelaide-based designer of the Splinter Collection, to join us and meet visitors. Our works at the exhibition included: – Screens in various shapes and finishes including 120 degree, curved, upholstered, PET board and veneer – Funhouse Teacup range including the Teacup, Venti and Sugarbowl –

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Time to Design a Workplace Refresh

Spring has sprung. Now is the perfect time of year to do a full office evaluation, de-clutter and refresh. Sound a bit daunting? It’s not. If you’re looking to liven up your workspace with the change of season, there are simple things you can do to create a warm, inviting space that inspires your employees and impresses your visitors without blowing through your design budget. Here are three simple tips to keep in mind as you spring into workplace design planning: A Little Change can go a Long Way Ahead-of-the-curve workspaces go beyond being ‘functional’ and ‘clean’, they also capture

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