Introducing Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

Foersom & Hiort-LorenzenA profession, an ambition and humanity are the words that best describe what design means to the Danish duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen, a partnership that started back in 1977 and has since rewarded the furniture industry with thoughtful and elegant designs.

Among their impressive list of furniture offering, the Red Dot Award winning ASAP range of tables and chairs stands out for its versatility, comfort and aesthetically pleasing design.

1 – When did your cooperation with Paustian start?


2 – What does design mean to you?

A profession, an ambition and humanity.

3 – The most important skills a designer should have?

Knowledge of culture and technology.

4 – Form follows function?

Form follows time. Function follows the human being.

5 – Which is the hardest part in the process of creating a new object?

Communication between the parties involved. And work with form and material.

6 – And the most fun?

A good result.

7 – Which qualities do you see in the ASAP Chair and ASAP Table?

A contemporary idiom with great strength and durability.

8 – And what is the inspiration for your design?

Our inspiration derives from time. It can be a single spark that ignites an idea. Or it can be a concrete problem that inspires. And it can be both globally and locally influenced.

9 – How much does your own personality reflect in your projects?

Not much, but it is present…

10 – If you were not a designer what would you then be?

Nothing else.

11 – Why should people invest in good design?

Because good design makes the life better for a lot of people in many different ways and because it doesn’t lose value.

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