Happy employees are great for business

Everyone would love to improve focus at work. We all want our employees to be more creative. Who wouldn’t want team work and better collaboration on projects? One way to improve these areas may be surprising though. More and more studies are suggesting that the way to gain more focus from employees and to boost morale in the office is to add games. Competitive games between team members can not only bring them closer together, but also increase heart rate which increases focus.

So what things can we do to improve morale in the workplace? Simple games like foosball or table tennis are great ways to bring a team together and let off a little steam throughout the day. Setting up tournaments for employees will build up anticipation for work and create more of a bond among the team. A video game console can have the same effect.

So how do we promote games in the workplace and get everyone’s spirits up without losing control? What are some things to consider when designing such a space? There are a few ways that you can organize it.

First, you need to designate an area. A small area of the breakroom or its own dedicated room. It’s important to separate a recreation area from the employees that are hard at work. Expanding a break room and adding a pool table or foosball table is all you need. Or even just a game console in the corner. Be sure to provide comfortable seating so that others can watch and participate.

Another general rule is to designate a specific time during the day. The thirty minutes following lunch is usually the least productive time during the day. This is a great opportunity to get the blood flowing and boost focus before going back to work.

Providing even a small recreation area can do wonders for team morale and work culture. If you are working with a client to design a space, it may be helpful to survey the team members to find out what types of games they like to play socially. Your clients will thank you when they notice the boost in teamwork and creativity.

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