Future of Workspaces – Designing for the growing Millenial

When it comes to designing a new office, doing so with millennials in mind is a good idea. It’s estimated that one third of the workforce is made up of people who reached adulthood in the 2000’s. That number is expected to grow to three quarters in just the next ten years.

So what can we do to make sure that our offices are appealing to this tech savvy bunch? Open communication and giving back to the community are both vital for young up and comers. So cubicles are not a good idea. But it’s great to have a public area that shows how the firm makes a difference throughout the world. Posting pictures of projects that help the community can be a big motivation for millennials.

Instead of big boardrooms for meetings, a more casual area where ideas can flow freely is a much better option. Cubicles surrounded by closed off offices can give the feeling of a closed off culture. Whereas an open floor plan where everyone can openly communicate gives a sense of transparency within the firm. The ability for new team members to easily reach out to the more experienced ones can make millennials feel more comfortable and accepted.

What are some things to consider when you are designing an office to attract potential Generation Y employees? Dedicated areas allowing employees to think and concentrate are important. But so are areas in which they can collaborate on projects and openly talk about their work. More sustainable and environmentally conscious design should be implemented. Try decorating with a lot of plants to give the office a brighter and fresh appeal. Brightly colored furniture and decoration give offices a more active feel.

Millennials will definitely change the way that offices function and how they are laid out. If you are designing an office of your own or for a client, it is important to implement some of the strategies to give a more modern look. Younger employees may not stick around if they are with a firm that they don’t feel closely aligned with.



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