Design That Tells Employees: Make Yourself At Home!

As businesses look to stake their place as industry leaders, team members are logging more hours in the workplace than ever before. The lines between work and home life, are quickly becoming more blurred. For this reason, many organizations are following suite and working overtime to make the office feel like a home away from home for their employees.

This trend is known as the domestication of the workplace, and it’s front and centre in current design trends. While the trend lends itself to creating a more eclectic, comfortable space, it also works as a tool for recruitment and retention of employees while supporting employee performance and enhancing workplace health and wellness.

This is not to say universal design has lost its place in the workplace. For instance, residential furniture does not necessarily have the technological functionality that commercial use requires. To account for this, many interior designers and project managers are opting to merge universal and domestic design for a workplace environment that embodies both practicality and comfortability.

So how can you introduce domestic design without losing the capabilities tied to traditional office design?

Consider introducing sectional couches, mobile side tables and accessories like accent rugs, plant life and contemporary art. You can even go one step further by considering foosball and ping pong tables to engage employees and encourage group play during downtime. Encourage employees to customize their workspaces with personal items that inspire and enable them to work their best.

If you’re looking to continue building an innovative work space that grows around the clock – create an office employees can ‘come home’ to!