Warm Up to These Workplace Design Ideas!

When the temperature drops, many of us take steps to make our homes cozier as we to settle into wait for the season to change. While some of the steps we take are logistical, such as sealing air leaks, adding insulation or adjusting thermostat settings, there are often also design concepts to consider that will make you feel right at home. Most of these approaches can also be integrated into the workplace to create a comfortable environment that promotes productivity while also encouraging team members to settle in.

Here are a few simple tips to help transform your workplace into a winter haven for employees and executives alike:

– Give your workplace a fresh coat of paint. Earth tones are warm and inviting, creating a cozy workplace environment that pairs perfectly with both warm and cool tones, allowing you to swap out seasonal design pieces like area rugs and throw pillows.

– Incorporate fabric couches and chairs into common areas is a good step towards workable seasonality. The material doesn’t absorb cold (or hot) weather, allowing employees to feel right at home in the office. If you want to add a playful touch, add throw blankets for your team to wrap up in during downtime.

– Introduce softer lighting solutions. Minimizing glaring light can reduce visual strain and fatigue while also creating a calming atmosphere. The best lighting solution available, is natural light. If your space has the windows to accommodate, let the sun shine in!

– Give your office some greenery. Plant life is good for the soul. Green spaces promote feelings of positivity and satisfaction while also improving quality of air. It’s a win/win!


These are just a few of many simple design ideas that will help your workplace not only beat the winter blues, but heat up business in the process!

Prefabricated Office Spaces Make Room for Growth

In today’s increasingly complex, diverse, mobile and environmentally conscious business landscape, organizations are facing increased pressure to curate office spaces designed to meet the diverse needs and values of their employees.

Prefabricated office spaces show great promise as they are easily customized to be any size, allow for multiple stories and often integrate modular device and furniture solutions that promote collaboration and increased productivity. Prefabricated office spaces also reduce waste and boost sustainability as they are often built using several recycled products and materials.

To keep your modular workplace ahead of the curve, you can also request the integration of Universal Design strategies to ensure all employees, regardless of age, size, cultural identity, ability or disability are exposed to inclusive spaces and products that promote accessibility, safety and convenience.

The process of introducing a prefabricated workspace is fast and simple. Once a prefabricated building is complete and shipped to your location, it is set into place and connected to the foundation. Utilities are connected and your choice of exterior finishes are then added. The resulting prefabricated workspace is environmentally friendly, with the all the same architectural aesthetics you would expect from a conventional building. To accommodate the needs of a thriving business, prefabricated modules can be expanded or minimized at minimal expense.

With a significantly reduced time to occupancy, your business can start driving growth and optimizing your bottom line sooner.

While prefabricated workspaces may not suit the needs of every business or organization, the cost-savings, sustainable practices and inclusivity they provide – make them a strong consideration for the future of your workplace.


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