Release | Boab Table

Introducing the Boab which takes its name from the Australian Boabab tree known for its swollen shape. This playful stool and side table can be painted as a highlight. Boab shares a mirroring aesthetic with the very versatile Chilli + Lime range with a reversed tapered leg profile.

Release | Y-Not

The Y-Not has been re-engineered with subtle design improvements to highlight the Y-legs which gives it its namesake.

Y-Not is a customisable range with the metal understructure powdercoated and timber stained to various colours to match your project requirements.


Tables Inspiration Overview for Download

The LuxStudio range of tables has expanded to a sizeable collection over the years to include timber and metal bases.

To make it easy to compare this variety and find what best suits your project, we’ve put together a quick overview to inspire even at a glance.

Download the guide here.



Strong. Simple. Flexible.

Three words that encompass the Plato Table Range, designed with a simple aesthetic with carefully considered details that include:

  • -manufactured from locally available Tasmanian Oak
  • -legs have hidden self levelling glides
  • -optional cable reticulation through the leg with a seamless timber cap
  • -inset middle legs and infinite lengths
  • -shadow line detail

The Plato table range has a large number of standard sizes and finishes, however, it  can be customised in various ways to suit your needs.

Release | Screens

This gallery contains 9 photos.

We offer one of the most extensive screen collections in the market with the unique ability to customise in a variety of finishes and sizes. To catalogue this, we’ve collated a quick look book as an overview of just some of our capabilities to inspire solutions for your future projects. We work in close collaboration to achieve the design intent within any technical limitations or develop solutions to project challenges, and encourage you to get in touch with us with any ideas. New to the collection is also our Hedgeline range, a fully systemised and modular screen system that can

Design Study | Evolution of Private Work Pods

In this design study, we explore the many forms of our private work pods. The idea was first standardised into our Focus Pod and has gradually evolved into many iterations to suit a variety of applications. Like with all our screen and worktop products, each desking pod is customised on a per project basis and we’ve used a multitude of finishes from board and fabric to more challenging materials such as PET board.
Focus Pod
The Focus Pod’s strength lies in its simplicity with carefully considered angles acting as stabilisers.

Mallard Focus Pod
Experimenting with one of our favourite screen materials, a PET board version was created with subtle reinforcement bars added to combat the softness of the screen.

Mallard Booth
Mallard Booth takes the concept a step further and creates a private working space. The lower corner shelf can be used for keeping personal effects and the top hanging rail for coat/jackets.

Introducing Flippity-Flip

We’re excited to announce Flippity-Flip, our new flip table system which allows for a multitude of sizes and shapes. The mechanism grants the ability to have either a square, round or oval shaped uprights in both metal or timber finishes. Contact us for more information.

Accented by strong, clean lines, Flippity-Flip’s base mirrors various top shapes with square, oval and round upright column options. The mechanism is easy to operate, can be nested and upright columns are available in metal powdercoat or timber.


Mo Chair in House Fabric
Mo upholstered in one of our bolder house fabric. The range considers current colour and pattern trends.


Polo Table
The Polo’s design has been updated and can easily accommodate either a powdercoat or polished finish.

Luxmy News | EOFY Product Updates

We have some quick updates for the end of financial year.

We have also overhauled our house fabrics to cater to a variety of project requirements with cost effectiveness and lead time in mind. These options include plains, patterns, leather-look, fire-retardant, velvet and vinyl with a carefully considered colour palette to allow for a mix of finishes and accents.

Buttercup Corner Module
A corner module for the Buttercup is now available in low and high back options, and can create a complete lounge.


Plywood Veneer Top
This real plywood veneer top has been used as a statement piece and works especially well on large surfaces.


House Fabric Update
Our house range have been curated to complement and accent one another regardless of finish, pattern and weave.


Curved Screen
One of our many screen making skills includes this combination of cushioned two-tone upholstery and rubber strip edge.

What’s in a Technology Enabled Classroom?

Australian schools and universities are adopting Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) across a range of disciplines and study spaces. TEAL is an educational innovation that emphasises active learning where teachers and students engage through practical work, collaboration and a degree of autonomy. Despite the name, technology is an educational aid on par with a pen and paper, and complements traditional learning tools with the most radical change occurring in the learning space itself.

TEAL moves learning spaces away from the front facing teacher and students in prearranged seats to an agile and flexible classroom. This allows TEAL to occur in practice without spatial limits. Study zones are more prominent where students are grouped and face each other. Teachers are centred in the room and must move to engage students.  Zones can be altered through the use of mobile folding tables and movable seating. Higher learning institutions also offer more power and data points for students bringing their own laptops and equipment.

Learning spaces outside the classroom are becoming more prominent to further complement and reinforce TEAL techniques through study pods, workstations with power and data, and collaborative areas and meeting rooms. This reflects agile work practices where the individual can pick and choose the optimal space for their given task and work style at any time.

The benefits of active learning include higher engagement, information retention, improved social skills and increased technical proficiency. Studies suggest that it is effective if the educator welcomes the practice and has the technological proficiency. Even if it has not been fully embraced by educators, educational institutions across the country adopt some level of technology enabled active learning techniques.

Fitout, Interior, Corporate.

Expanding the GECA family!

Luxmy has added even more to our GECA-licenced offering. GECA is an internationally recognised ecolabelling standard assuring that products have been made with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and processes. It is accepted as Level A by the Green Building Council of Australia and assist in meeting a variety of other green targets.

Below are our new additions to our GECA certified line up. Click the images for more about the product.