Workspace Management | Pandemic Edition

With the pandemic changing the way we work, there has been an increase in enclosed working and collaborative spaces to control movement within the modern open office.

Pictured below are just some examples which can be customised as required.

Integration of Technology and Craftsmanship

Joinery has gone beyond the traditional pieces of wood stuck together to make furniture. The use of technology can create a seamless user experience to save space, time and create a wow factor.

Below are just some works we have done and we’d love to hear of any ideas you might have in mind for your next project.

This custom table has an integrated screen that lowers with a matching lid to create a seamless surface when not in use.

Leading Edge Lockers are a complete sustainable solution. The locker doors and shelves can be re-configured at any time, with minimal waste as the carcass can be kept. Then you just need to update the power and data as it changes over time.

This locker includes a fingerprint lock and mail slot opening that doubles as a handle.

Built from Ground-Up

It might come to a surprise to some that these products did not exist prior to a brief (but might have been brewing as a concept). Below are just a few of these pieces and a bit on the brief that led to their creation.
Buttercup needed to be modular and cohesive with option to add a worksurface in order to fill in a variety of spaces and maximise real estate.
Carousel was to be a feature piece when entering large lobby areas while creating a private conversation space.
Cloister had to be easy to access for the majority of users and aesthetically light while meeting fire safety requirements with sprinkler access.
Topiary had to be highly flexible while maintaining cost effectiveness and would be used throughout a fitout to carry a common language. 

Luxmy Release | Pedestal Collection

Our Pedestal range is one of the most versatile tables in our portfolio with an array of different shapes and formations.

Luxmy Collection | Bespoke Pieces

The LuxStudio bespoke collection is an ever growing portfolio that we wanted to updated you on. We have a gallery below of recently tailored or built from the ground up pieces made for projects.

Our Instagram is the most up to date source of information for all the happenings at our Sydney facility.

Luxmy Collection | Australian Classics

Luxmy with its eclectic range of Australian classics lead the way in style and craftsmanship.

With a strong emotional tie to Australia and local manufacturing, these timeless pieces are available on lead times that will suit current Australian-based projects.

LuxStudio modularity for flexible spaces

Modular and customisable furniture offers an unrivalled flexibility that ensures a finished look in an interior to take it to the next level. Check out some of our most popular pieces and what they can achieve below with the standard version for comparison.

Buttercup Lounge
This modular lounge has the essential low and high back units in straight, concave and convex formats with the ability to be further customised for the perfect fit.

With just a 90 degree aluminium extrusion and connecting flat panels limiting this system, Hedgeline can do screens and tables in many finishes.

Luxmy Release | Hedgeline

Hedgeline is a highly customisable and modular system that can be used to make screens, pods, desks and joinery pieces through the use of a simple 90 degree extrusion and connecting panels.

Corner and fascias can be finished in fabric, vinyl, cork, laminate and others for a fully tailored look to any project.

We have created an inspirational overview of a few of the many configurations that can be achieved with the Hedgeline system, it is an ever growing range so we encourage you to contact us with design ideas.

Luxmy News| Luxboard = Tree of Life

Sustainable, local, customisable not just in conversation but in practice. Luxmy prides itself on its environmental consciousness and in the new Luxboard product which has achieved a high quality product at a great price with supreme environmental credentials.

Luxboard is economical, costing the same as standard white melamine boards while recycling local timber and is processed into an E0 commercial grade board. This can be recycled again to save even more resources.