In the Media

The Directors of Luxmy Furniture Sudhindra Rao and daughter Priyanka Rao have been in the media for Luxmy Furniture, Luxmy Joinery and Evolvex (an online flat pack furniture store).

“LUXMY Furniture at Punchbowl isn’t your average office furniture company. Founder and managing director Sudhindra Rao said the decision to “go green” in 2005 has made Luxmy Furniture stand out. “It’s important for a furniture company to be environmentally friendly because products will eventually end up in landfill,” he said. Based in Bankstown Business Park, the company specialises in office furniture, especially workstations.” Canturbury Express

“Priyanka Rao has worked with her father Sudhindra to build a furniture manufacturing business, Luxmy Furniture” Australian Financial Review

“Young Entrepreneurs Making Millions” Sunrise (Channel 7)

“A local father-daughter team are changing the way consumers buy flat-pack furniture with their innovative design-it-yourself online tool, delivering some competition to the global furniture empire that is IKEA”. Dynamic Business Magazine

“Not only does Evolvex cleverly come up with multiple solutions for furnishing the office, like cubes which can be mounted as wall decorations or turned into chairs, but they’re also one of the greenest producers in the market, following on from Luxmy’s strict environmental focus. Their next mission is to have a completely flat-packable modern sofa by the middle of this year.” Smarter Business Ideas

“Top picks from Milan 2012“ IndesignLive

“The father/daughter combination of Sudhindra and Priyanka Rao have thrown caution to the wind with the launch of Evolvex, a sideline to Sudhindra’s commercial furnishing company Luxmy” Sydney Morning Herald

“Customizing cabinetry as simple as building a house in The Sims” Wired

“Evolvex is one of a growing number of great tools which allow you to shop online in a very personal way. By customizing the construction, color and features of your furniture you get something thats uniquely your and get to enjoy the satisfaction of designing something yourself and bringing your own aesthetic vision to life.” Apartment Therapy

“In our era of customization, it wasn’t long before a company came along that offered fully customizable yet affordable furnishings, and that company is Evolvex furniture.” Trendhunter

“I’m slightly obsessed with this website right now – Sydney based studio Evolvex created a cool online tool allowing you to build your own furniture. With this smart and intuitive online application you can upload images of your rooms and see what the piece will look like in its intended environment. With the presented choice of components you can build an array of simple and elegant items for any room of your apartment“ Shoebox Dwelling

The successful idea behind Evolvex is a strong contender as an alternative to furniture retail giant IKEA. PSFK. Read interview here.