The Luxmy Group has been awarded with a number of green certification and is dedicated to environmentally sustainable practices to ensure the health and well being of staff, clients, end users and the planet. Just some of these practices include:

Raw material minimisation
Components, meterages and construction on methods are regularly reviewed for efficiencies and improvements.

Waste minimisation
Paper, plastic and timber waste from production and administration is collected for reuse, reprocessing or recycling.

Energy minimisation
All electrical and gas machinery, services and appliances are monitored daily to avoid waste.

Our GECA certifcation can be found here and ISO 14001 here.

ISO 14001

Environmental Management Standard

This internationally recognised standard specifies a process for the control and the continuous improvement of an organisation’s environmental performance.

ISO 14001 is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) through dedicated technical committees representing approximately 150 countries around the world. Its purpose is to enable an organization of any type or size to develop and implement a policy committing it to prevention of pollution, compliance with legal and other requirements, and continual improvement.

The realization of this commitment will be a management system that recognizes and manages the primary environmental issues through awareness and assessment of applicable legal requirements, objectives for improvement, assignment of responsibilities, competent personnel, communications, procedures, controls and monitoring, emergency response capability, self correction and assessment, and internal reviews. These processes are to be based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.


Australian Forestry Standard Chain Of Custody Certification

We have an AFS Chain Of Custody Certification. As we are a manufacturer of timber based products this was a necessary move. This provides our customers with an assurance that the wood or timber based product specified for a fit out has been sourced from a sustainably managed forest and tracked through the supply chain to ensure it ‘maintains an unbroken chain of custody’ (as per the requirements of the  certification).

There is an annual audit done to retain certification so we are committed in the long run to ensure that we act responsibly with where we source our material and how this is treated throughout the supply chain.

Customers must specify their Chain of Custody requirements at the time of quotation and order to ensure the entire order process is tracked to meet requirements.

Boards for Trees

Our new Luxboard recycled E0 particleboard is a new initiative to encourage the use of a fully sustainable material. Find out more on our site: boardsfortrees.org

Environmental, Quality & Chain of Custody Policy

The Luxmy Group specializes in the manufacture and supply of custom designed office furniture from particleboards for offices including products certified under the AS 4707 Chain of Custody (CoC) scheme.

The company is conscious of its role as a good corporate citizen and intends to shoulder its obligations towards the environment and community.

To achieve sustainable development and a higher quality of life for the community, management is committed to establish measures, controls and procedures for the prevention of pollutants entering into the environment as a result of its specific operations and organisational activities and to ensure that our products are made from sustainable forest resources. To this end, particular focus is made to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste & minimise emissions & air pollutants with emphasis on waste reduction and energy conservation.

The documented Luxmy Group Environmental Management System as implemented and maintained will meet the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001, AS 4707, government legislation, and other requirements as applicable.

The Luxmy Group will provide management reviews as a framework to achieve environmental objectives and targets and shall direct our technical, human and financial resources to ensure that adequate safeguards are incorporated with every activity so as to minimise pollutants generated, as well as mechanisms to measure, control, review and continuous improvement regimes for any emissions that may occur.

The Luxmy Group recognises that environmental issues are best handled by the participation of all concerned and will encourage, foster, and strengthen the general understanding and awareness of environmental protection through appropriate training of employees and cooperation of our suppliers and customers as external participants.  Adequate resources have been provided to ensure that this policy will be communicated to all Luxmy Group employees, contractors and temporary staff.

Luxmy Group manufactures all products with quality at its forefront to ensure longevity and safety to all its end users. Quality is defined as a mix of aesthetics, ergonomics, reliability and detail only achieved by teamwork, regular quality assurance checks, skilled hands, and use of the best materials backed by warranty to our clients.