Local Projects

Clean Up

Clean Up is an Australian not-for-profit organisation founded by Ian Kiernan AO back in 1989. With activities such as Clean Up the World (launched in 1993), Clean Up Australia Day, the Great Northern Clean Up Clean Up Mobile Phones, Clean Up Our Climate, Say NO to Plastic Bags and more, their mission is to inspire and work with communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment.

With statistics showing that over 40 million people from 120 countries take part of  these initiatives every year, Clean Up has taken over the globe.

At Luxmy Furniture we are committed into reducing our ecological footprint and have along the years implemented environment sustainable practises such as waste management, raw material and energy minimisation. Our efforts allowed us to proudly hold an ISO14001 and an AFS Chain of Custody Certifications. We are big on pollution prevention, recycling and successfully sourcing timber from sustainably managed forests.

We are proud to support Clean Up Australia through the donation of one of our premium commercial spaces so that they may have a centrally based office to work from.

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International Projects

Luxmy Samiti Project

Luxmy Furniture is the ongoing principal donor funding the Luxmy Samiti Project. “Samiti” means community, and the goal of Luxmy Samiti is to empower rural children with a broad education which encompasses reading, writing, vocational courses and self-defence. We are committed to serving the needy children in rural parts of Central India.

Our team of 11 members, including a number of local volunteers, believes that every child has the right to education, an opportunity to work, to live healthily and confidently and escape poverty.

The mission of Luxmy Samiti is to build self-esteem, employment opportunities and overall better quality of life to those communities who have been living under the poverty line in a cycle of domestic violence and unemployment.

Our work also involves the care for women and unprivileged young women by providing them with vocational training and creating employment opportunities.

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Bringham Young
The Luxmy Samiti activities include:
– Taekwondo classes
– Team based sports
– Donating books to school libraries
– General education
– Vocational training

Other community projects include:
– Rain water harvesting
– Cattle care
– Organic farming

The LuxmySamiti Project is concentrated in the rural villages of Central India such as: Bhama, Shyam Nagar, Mavai, Gurra, Nagwara, PahadiKheda, RataMati.

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