LuxStudio modularity for flexible spaces

Modular and customisable furniture offers an unrivalled flexibility that ensures a finished look in an interior to take it to the next level. Check out some of our most popular pieces and what they can achieve below with the standard version for comparison.

Buttercup Lounge
This modular lounge has the essential low and high back units in straight, concave and convex formats with the ability to be further customised for the perfect fit.

With just a 90 degree aluminium extrusion and connecting flat panels limiting this system, Hedgeline can do screens and tables in many finishes.

Luxmy Release | Hedgeline

Hedgeline is a highly customisable and modular system that can be used to make screens, pods, desks and joinery pieces through the use of a simple 90 degree extrusion and connecting panels.

Corner and fascias can be finished in fabric, vinyl, cork, laminate and others for a fully tailored look to any project.

We have created an inspirational overview of a few of the many configurations that can be achieved with the Hedgeline system, it is an ever growing range so we encourage you to contact us with design ideas.

Luxmy News| Luxboard = Tree of Life

Sustainable, local, customisable not just in conversation but in practice. Luxmy prides itself on its environmental consciousness and in the new Luxboard product which has achieved a high quality product at a great price with supreme environmental credentials.

Luxboard is economical, costing the same as standard white melamine boards while recycling local timber and is processed into an E0 commercial grade board. This can be recycled again to save even more resources.

Luxmy Release | Happi Smart Frame

The Happi Smart Frame is a screening system designed to produce highly mobile and reconfigurable spaces or commercial areas requiring partitioning. The range shares a common frame on castors but can be adjusted with a different materials and shapes to fulfil a variety of spatial needs.

Below are standard examples of what can be done with the Happi Smart Frame. As always, feel free to contact us with your design ideas.

Luxmy Release | Tee-Pee Table

Tee-Pee’s robust form is highly adaptable to suit many different table needed scenarios. Tee-Pee uses Tasmanian Oak timber for reliable local sourcing, which can be stained, and the metal can be powdercoated in a number of colours.

Tee-Pee is available in 720mm, 900mm and 1050mm heights.

Luxmy Release | Topiary

Topiary is a fully modular seating system that includes a chair, bench, arm and coffee sections. The system marries table and upholstery design principles for greater flexibility with the added benefit of lead time as a wholly Australian-made piece.

Topiary’s name derives from its carefully carved form and references to its green nature made from GECA certified foam, sustainable board and recyclable/reusable metal components.

Office Upgrades

We have recently upgraded and relocated our offices and studios to a single vibrant environment within our manufacturing hub with the aim to consolidate all our different teams, which in the future, will streamline Luxmy’s processes and services.

As the design and works were completed internally, we experimented with various solutions, designs and finishes to showcase our capabilities, doubling as an extended showspace. The office features agile working with areas of collaboration and enclosed workpods for both staff and guests.

We thank our various contributing suppliers: Global Ventures Australia, OE Elsafe, DPG Formfittings and Steelcase Australia.

Below are some photos of our new workspace and we welcome anyone within the industry to visit our office and factory for tours.

Products pictured include: Custom tops, joinery and screens, Talki table, Teapot ottoman, Teacup ottoman Jose highback lounge, Chilli + Lime table, Cheese on Toast


Table Inlays

Inlay tops are trending once again with commercial spaces looking to make a statement or utilise multipurpose furniture to save on precious real estate. Check out some of our recent pieces to give some inspiration of what you can offer below.

Tiled inlays can come in a variety of shapes and finishes. These round tiles provide a unique, tactile experience.

This deceptively plain looking top has a self-healing cutting mat inlay and ABS edging, making it office or school appropriate but can double as a workbench.

Corrected grain leather inlays can be made in collaboration between our upholstery and board teams for a classic executive style desk or boardroom table.

Whiteboards combined with flip bases still prove popular in spaces where idea generation is essential such as agile offices and educational facilities in horizontal or vertical formats

Design Study | Evolution of Private Work Pods

In this design study, we explore the many forms of our private work pods. The idea was first standardised into our Focus Pod and has gradually evolved into many iterations to suit a variety of applications. Like with all our screen and worktop products, each desking pod is customised on a per project basis and we’ve used a multitude of finishes from board and fabric to more challenging materials such as PET board.
Focus Pod
The Focus Pod’s strength lies in its simplicity with carefully considered angles acting as stabilisers.

Mallard Focus Pod
Experimenting with one of our favourite screen materials, a PET board version was created with subtle reinforcement bars added to combat the softness of the screen.

Mallard Booth
Mallard Booth takes the concept a step further and creates a private working space. The lower corner shelf can be used for keeping personal effects and the top hanging rail for coat/jackets.