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What’s in a Technology Enabled Classroom?

Australian schools and universities are adopting Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) across a range of disciplines and study spaces. TEAL is an educational innovation that emphasises active learning where teachers and students engage through practical work, collaboration and a degree of autonomy. Despite the name, technology is an educational aid on par with a pen and paper, and complements traditional learning tools with the most radical change occurring in the learning space itself. TEAL moves learning spaces away from the front facing teacher and students in prearranged seats to an agile and flexible classroom. This allows TEAL to occur in practice

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Expanding the GECA family!

Luxmy has added even more to our GECA-licenced offering. GECA is an internationally recognised ecolabelling standard assuring that products have been made with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and processes. It is accepted as Level A by the Green Building Council of Australia and assist in meeting a variety of other green targets. Below are our new additions to our GECA certified line up. Click the images for more about the product.

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Sydney InDesign 2017 Wrap Up

The Luxmy Group joined in Sydney InDesign over weekend to celebrate our 20 years of operation. Our showcase included screens, upholstery, tables and joinery across our brands. Thanks for the support! As a recap or if you weren’t able to make it, we have a few photos from the show. It was also a pleasure to have Caren Elliss, Adelaide-based designer of the Splinter Collection, to join us and meet visitors. Our works at the exhibition included: – Screens in various shapes and finishes including 120 degree, curved, upholstered, PET board and veneer – Funhouse Teacup range including the Teacup, Venti and Sugarbowl –

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The Role of Furniture in Infection Control and Prevention

Furniture is often considered an afterthought during the planning of infection prevention measures in healthcare facilities despite taking up the majority of physical space used by staff, visitors and patients. For this reason, hospital buyers should consider healthcare furniture at the forefront of infection control. With improved manufacturing capabilities and greater on emphasis on design, it is increasingly easier for purchasers to access attractive, cost effective products that can still minimise the potential for infection. We list a few considerations when picking the right furniture for infection control which will vary project to project or even room to room. Upholstery

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Setting the Standard for Design in Healthcare Facilities

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment it’s become more important than ever to be able to respond to the constantly evolving technological advancements and the ever-increasing requirements in providing top-level client car while also controlling organizational costs. In such an environment, implementing a standards program for basic design strategies, furniture solutions and risk mitigation only makes sense. For instance, standardization on durable, modular furniture, can help an organization manage its inventory, get the most out of its furniture investment, and respond to change in the most cost-efficient manner. While the cost savings can be significant, peace of mind for facility managers,

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Luxmy Healthcare at Australian Healthcare Week

We showcased our health and aged care range for the first time at the Australian Healthcare Week held in the ICC on the 8th and 9th March, met many lovely people and had the pleasure of welcoming Health Minister, the Hon. Brad Hazzard during the opening of the event. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive on both the aesthetic and technical fronts, and we are already looking forward to coming back next year. It was also great to see our custom pieces in the Convention Centre looking great and being used by visitors needing a place to rest and work. A list of products

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Designing for Healing | Redesigning the Healthcare Model

The design structure of healthcare facilities, is a key consideration for health care providers, patients, family members, stakeholders and the project management team. For instance, the furniture solutions integrated throughout your facilities are responsible for providing a pleasant atmosphere, while also promoting comfort and supporting staff as they work to provide the highest standards of care. To stay ahead in the highly competitive healthcare industry, it’s crucial to approach design from an entirely holistic perspective. Pairing well-designed, highly-functional and aesthetically pleasing design solutions with quality care has become a challenge to health care leaders across the globe. One of the

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Designing for Healing | Moving Towards Active Waiting

While long wait times may not be entirely avoidable, healthcare facilities have an opportunity to better engage their visitors during wait times. Active waiting focuses on creating spaces that offer various activities and engage users, which reduces anxiety for patients, families and guests. ZONED WAITING AREAS can subtly distract patients and visitors from the stress of waiting times and ailments without disturbing others through options of open and enclosed spaces. OPEN waiting areas provide accessibility to information and education that can be absorbed during wait times through TV and books, toys for children, meeting spaces for interacting with others and offering power

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Luxmy Charge Bar at LASA Congress 2016

Luxmy proudly sponsored this year’s Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) National Congress event between 9th to 12th October held in the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre. Our stand offered a charge bar for visitors with all charging stations seamlessly integrated into our tables and seating. New pieces from Lux Studio also made their first appearance including the Oxy-Ply Chair and Chilli Table.

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Time to Design a Workplace Refresh

Spring has sprung. Now is the perfect time of year to do a full office evaluation, de-clutter and refresh. Sound a bit daunting? It’s not. If you’re looking to liven up your workspace with the change of season, there are simple things you can do to create a warm, inviting space that inspires your employees and impresses your visitors without blowing through your design budget. Here are three simple tips to keep in mind as you spring into workplace design planning: A Little Change can go a Long Way Ahead-of-the-curve workspaces go beyond being ‘functional’ and ‘clean’, they also capture

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