About Us

Since 1997, Luxmy Furniture has grown to be one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of worktops and joinery to the commercial market. Our products are found in the icons of Australian commerce and life: in the government, hospitality, healthcare, education and commercial sectors and nationally, in multi-unit residential complexes. Partnering with us, you can select from a wide range of furniture products made to your specifications with excellent value for money, where our extensive manufacturing experience is reflected in the quality of design and finished project. All of this is backed up by service personalised to your needs that is reliable, trustworthy and highly responsive with quick turnaround times and close communication.

You will consider us partners more than suppliers, collaborating with our talented, personable and friendly team of 60 staff who have decades of furniture and manufacturing experience between them. You will also benefit from the qualities of a family-run business – trust, integrity, loyalty and honesty ­– matched with professionalism, experience and financial stability.

Your worktops, joinery and upholstered items are manufactured at our 6500 m2 factory, located in southwest Sydney which can produce 1200 panels a day. This scale of operation means superb value and a flexible lead-time where your deadlines are met and you receive what you need, in a timely fashion, whether you’re a furniture supplier, corporate interior designer or builder. While products from Italy might take 12 weeks and from China 8 weeks, large and small office fit-outs or other orders can be managed in Australia in five weeks, or quicker.

We match speed with value and quality. The use of the latest machinery, updated every five years, with regular investment in technology to improve processes translates into reduced manufacturing costs for you. Meanwhile, you can be assured that all Luxmy products meet environmental standards and carry a 100% guarantee.

As a partner of Luxmy Furniture, you’ll leverage innovative solutions to achieve a project within your budget. Collaborating with you as early in a project as possible, we’ll find out the most efficient way to deliver on your brief. We’ll  consult with you so we can do everything possible to make sure you look good. From the ordering process to post-installation, we’ll be with you all the way with close attention and weekly updates.

With our established reputation, you’ll know what you’ll be getting, and you’ll receive it on time with great service and reliability.

In the long term, our clients work with us because we have the flexibility to provide our products – from workstations and desktops to storage, lockers and other joinery – to major corporations as well as small offices, and from large projects to smaller ones.

Our vision is to be the number one partner in furniture and joinery manufacturing in Australia. You can be confident in our abilities to provide you with high quality and great value products delivered according to your schedule and with genuine, friendly, efficient and honest service and smart design. Our mission is to manufacture high quality office furniture by developing products that meet our client’s aspirations. By providing great service to the trade and industry, we ensure their satisfaction, profitability and loyalty. The successful and continuing growth of the company has been due the dedication and loyalty of its staff and the diligence of the management team along with the loyalty of its customer base.

The use of technology in the product development and manufacturing is critical to the long term success of Luxmy Furniture. Computer aided manufacturing is the mainstay of what we do. We emphasise continuous development of new products and have led the industry in the development of new types of profiles for worktops, new types of cabinets for storage, first mover on E0 board, and powder coating of MDF.

Luxmy Furniture is suitably qualified to work on Green Star and similar eco-sustainable fit outs. Our dedication to environmental sustainability has awarded us with the ISO 14001 Certification and Australian Forestry Standard Certification (AFS).
We’ve mastered the use of GECA certified timber where possible, and have a robust timber recycling and waste management policy internally.

Some of our prestigious projects throughout the years have been:

  • Mercer (Worktops and tiles) in 1996
  • News Ltd (Worktops and Joinery) in 1997
  • NRMA (Worktops) in 1998. This was the biggest project in Australia at the time.
  • IPAC securities (Special freestanding desks) in 1999
  • BNP offices in 2000
  • KPMG offices in 2001
  • Thomson Media  Worktops and  joinery) in 2002
  • ABS and TAB (Worktops and joiner) in 2003. Munich Re in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • AGL  in 2004-2005 using Australia first E0 board (done in Partnership with Zenith our client and Borg Manufacturing)
  • Pearson Media (Worktops and Joinery) in 2005, national rollout
  • Optus in 2006  (Worktops and Joinery) in 2006 in Sydney ( Biggest project in SouthEast Asia at that time). Stockland Sydney (All joinery, nearly 2000 pieces, all powdercoated MDF ). DIMIA in Canberra
  • IBM in 2006 and 2007 ( Worktops and Joinery).
  • Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet in 2007 (Screens, Joinery and Worktops )
  • DAFF and FACHSIA in 2007 (Worktops and Joinery) national rollout
  • Since 2007 we have supplied the major Office Storage Joinery for Commonwealth Bank for their Homebush bay as well as Darling Park precincts.
  • Throughout 2009 – 2010 KPMG Brisbane Office Fitout (Worktops and Joinery)
  • Department of Health & Aging in 2009 (National job)
  • Attorney General in 2009  (Worktops and Joinery)
  • Energex Brisbane in 2010 (Worktops and Joinery)
  • Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations from 2009 – 2010 (Worktops, Veneer Joinery and Personal Storage Units) National rollout
  • Coca Cola offices in 2010 (Worktops & Joinery in two offices)
  • Panasonic Office in 2010 (Worktops)